What is this thing?

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27 thoughts on “What is this thing?

  1. Thanks for writing a blog about institutional research as it relates to student learning. I’ve always been fascinated by our data, so I am hoping your posts will help me convince others that IR is interesting as well.

  2. I read your article in on the Linkedin page… I really enjoyed it.

    I am a graduate assistant working on creating the student money management center on our campus. When I read about your views on student learning I am inspired and could not agree more. Financial literacy is really hard thing to tackle. Knowing that many students don’t know what they don’t know makes the job a challenge. I realize that I don’t even know what I don’t know in a lot of areas! The important thing that I have realized and part of the reason why I love your article is that even though I have no clue what students might learn from me or this program, it is extremely satisfying to have an opportunity to plant the seed. There will be no real way of knowing how many students decided to stick to a budget or pay off a couple credit cards, but my hope lies in the last paragraph of your article. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Mark: Love your blog and your perspectives on making sense out of the work we do in IR. Please subscribe me to your blog. Thanks!

  4. I discovered your blog through the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment newsletter. So glad to have come across it. The name drew me in, and the blog has been very enjoyable to read. Many thanks!

  5. Read your piece in “Inside Higher Ed” and found it perceptive and stimulating. Look forward to reading more of your writing. Thank you.

  6. Sign me up! I’m very interested in learning more about the responsible application of data science to student learning.

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