Look mom, it’s a blog!

Hi everybody,

Yes, its true.  What was once a simple column has now turned into a blog.

What difference will it make?  None.  This column will focus on the same topics that it has explored in the past.  Sometimes I’ll talk about an interesting finding from our student data, sometimes I’ll test a claim that has been made publicly, and sometimes I’ll muse about the various tensions that arise when one seriously commits to striving for perpetual improvement.

Yes, I’ll continue to be snarky from time to time.  But now, you can call me on it in the comments section and point out my flaws, my unsubstantiated leaps, or my bad grammar for all to see.  Of course, you can also throw me a bone everyone once in a while and tell me what you liked or what made you stop and think for a second or two.

Mostly, I hope you’ll add your perspective and make this blog a conversation dedicated to thinking about our work and making change for the better.

So here it is . . . Delicious Ambiguity.  Stay hungry, my friends.

Make it a good day,


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