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Hey Folks,

This is the time of the term when everyone conjures up whatever remaining powers they have left to slog through finals, grade furiously, and put the term out of its misery.  Or, if you have a slightly more optimistic view of life (and I hope you do), you are overcome with a surge of pride in your students for all they have learned, all they have endured, and all they have become over ten short weeks.  See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?

To be honest, I’m not inclined to say much this week only because I don’t think many of you have the time to read my blathering about some little data point that has me all atwitter.  And aside from that somewhat uncomfortable image, the last thing I want this blog to become is long, myopic, and just too much.

So I’ll throw this out into the cybertron and let you do what you want with it.  I’ve been privileged to be involved with a number of senior inquiry and service-learning projects this term.  I’ve been very impressed and even proud of the work that I’ve seen these students produce.  They’ve thought carefully about their research, wrestled with tough problems, dealt with mishaps and unpredictability, and throughout have remained honest, genuine, and intent on doing their best work.  Was it all perfect?  Of course not.  Was is supposed to be?  no.  But did I see growth that should make a college proud?  Damn straight.

Even though I am constantly talking about ways that we might improve, it is important to remind ourselves that we often do very good work.  And we deserve the chance to step back from time to time and soak it all in.  You put your heart into the work of making young people better.  And in many cases you help students realize a little bit more of who they aspire to become – even when they don’t fully know who that is or why it might be important.

So – grade like a banshee.  Then relax like a champion.  You deserve it.

Make it a good day,


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