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A Much Needed Break from Packing

My adventure in Asia is only 2 days away! My mind is overflowing with thoughts about this trip! With a 44 lb. weight limit for luggage in China, picking 6 to 7 outfits to last me about 3 months is definitely a challenge, especially being a girl. The most important tip I’ve heard from others […]

My First Post!

Location: Bedroom floor Music: I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas Let’s see, Latin America… I think I’m ready… In terms of packing, I’ve narrowed it down to one duffel and a backpack (a major feat). I have my anti-malarial drugs, super-charged bug spray, anti-itch spray, my first aid kit and my weaving loom for art class. […]

Packing by the numbers

1156- Pictures my camera can hold 438- Songs on my mp3 player (hope the people around me on the plane like to sing as much as I do!) 129- Pages in my Singapore travel guide

Bags are packed…ready to go?

So it is finally here, the big night before departure post! Like most Vietnam Term students I am oscilating back and forth between nervous and excited. I have checked my bag for the third time now, even re-weighed and remeasured to make sure I was within in restrictions. So, am I prepared? Technically – yes, […]