The worldwide Augustana College experience

Why do all good things come to an end?

Hey! Since I still don’t have words to describe my last day at Kositsamosorn, I think some pictures are in order:

Another English Camp

Hello again!  This is going to be short because I’m waking up early tomorrow to go to the beach, but I had such an amazing day today that I just had to tell you about it! Today at my school was another English camp, this time for the 6th graders.  I was teaching Sign Language […]

I’m a Local Celebrity!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for- I started working at my volunteer placement! If were not aware or have simply forgotten, my volunteer assignment was to teach English at a local public school.  There was one other person assigned to work at the school from my group- his name is Joon and he […]

The “Four Days Left!” Frenzy!

Hello again! We’re getting close; only four days left until I fly out of Chicago headed for Singapore. I have been so busy at camp, that I have barely had time to think about the trip, and definitely no time to pack or get nervous. There is still so much I need to get done […]