The worldwide Augustana College experience

The Great Huts

The last place we stayed was the Great Huts resort in Boston Bay, Jamaica. For many of us, our first day at the Great Huts was somewhat of a shock. The huts were beautiful, but we did not have access to internet in our living spaces, and there was no air conditioning. We also did […]

Jamaica Journal #3: The Great Huts

I’m writing this right now siting in the upstairs lobby because the wifi doesn’t reach anywhere else. As the days go on, I find myself enjoying being disconnected from the life of starring at the phone screen all day long. It gives me time to reflect on everything that happened on this trip (the resort, Kingston, […]


We just finished 5 days in Kingston, Jamaica. During this time, I was in the Alpha Primary school where I had the opportunity to spend 4 days with 28 sweet, lovely sixth graders. I had a wonderful time getting to know all of these children. It was an interesting experience getting to know these children […]

Jamaica Journal #2: Life in Kingston

While arriving at Kingston, I was slightly nervous because it was something totally new and I felt like we stood out like a sore thumb because of our appearance. At the resort, it didn’t truly hit me that we were in Jamaica because we were still around Americans, in a very beautiful, relaxing place, and […]

Jewel Resort

Our stay at the Jewel Resort in Runaway Bay was very eye opening. What struck me most was the contrast between the resort and the surrounding areas. There were a lot of people walking on the side of the road as we drove out of the airport in Montego Bay. This was odd for me […]

Jamaica Journal #1: Runaway Bay

The flight to Jamaica from Moline was shorter than I imagined. Stepping off the plane, I knew that this was going to be a big culture change. Just in the Montego Bay airport, they was a lot of empty space and no shops or restaurants in sight. This was a shock to me because even […]

The Alpha Boys

I have an airplane pack of cookies and a small cup of watered down apple juice accompanying my iPad on my fold down airplane tray. As I look out the window trying to figure out how to sum up this past week, the small snowy fields below remind me that I’m not in Jamaica anymore.I […]

Running Away from Runnaway Bay

The last few days our group has been staying at Jewel Runaway Bay all-inclusive resort. While the beach is lovely, and the endless food and drink is nice, this is not the real Jamaica. Okay, so the people who work here are Jamaican, and they have been wonderful, but it’s terribly upsetting to sit around […]

Living Jamaica

I am here. This is Jamaica. I have tried to snap myself out of this beautiful illusion so many times, but I am beyond grateful that this is reality. Leaving campus at 4 am, getting on the plane, and even flying over the ocean didn’t make it hit me. Living Jamaica did. After the long […]

Over Already? No, it has just begun!

Wow. It is hard to put to words how the last three days of the trip went while at the Alpha Schools. To put into perspective how I felt going into this experience I have to admit the anxiety and stress I continuously struggled with as we prepared for the trip, mentally and physically. After Student […]