The worldwide Augustana College experience

Dresden & Other Things

So it’s been a while. I know, I know. But I’ve been enjoying my last couple weeks in Germany! October 28 and 29 was spent in Dresden. Dr. Ellis took a group of us there for a day trip. Caitlin, Missie and I spent the night, so we could see what we didn’t get to […]

Chasing a Castle

September 30, 2011: Missie and I are in Salzburg! What should we do? Let’s go to the Mirabel Palace Gardens to start off our day. And here we are–there is a castle on a mountain! Let’s take a moment and stare in awe. There’s a castle in Salzburg? Unfathomable! Well, on the other hand, this […]

Bizarre Occurences

This isn’t the update with the castle adventure (that’s currently in the works, so watch out for it!).  However, this weekend has been more than interesting. It’s been absolutely bizarre.

Venturing through Vienna

I am back from Vienna, finally. Almost everything went wrong on Tuesday. First, the website gave me the wrong train information, so instead of the train going to Nürnberg, it was going to Frankfurt, and Nürnberg was not listed as a stop. So Mary, Missie and I hop on a train to Salzburg, hoping that […]

Term Break = Traveling

A brief update for shifty Internet connection. I’m on Term Break in Wittenberg, meaning that I am free to travel Europe! I chose Vienna, Wien, for my destination. So far, I’ve pleasant things to say. On Wednesday, Mary, Missie and I took the train from Wittenberg to Munich (yes, I have bragging rights: I was […]

Castles, Doors, Pottery.

Sorry, once again, for not updating as often as I should. This week has been crazy busy, which means that life is pretty much normal. I’ll just cover the noteworthy days. I last left you saying that was I going to a castle, which I did. The Rabenburg. It was delightful! Anke and Dirk bought […]

So Many Things, So Little Time

So much has been happening. I have little time to blog! On Wednesday, I went to the Luther house here in Wittenberg. It was so amazing! I loved every minute of it. It was really neat to discover that I am about the same height that Luther was, and I’m Lutheran. My classmates thought that […]

Weekend Catch Up

Location: Host family’s house Status: Content I know that I haven’t written in a while, but a lot has been happening. First of all, I went to Lübeck, Germany over the weekend. On Thursday a big group of us piled onto a train, and five trains and six hours later, we were in the beautiful […]

Of Chocolate and Bach

Friday was absolutely fantastic. We planned a day trip to Halle and Leipzig, Germany. Why? To go to a chocolate museum in Halle. And to go shopping/to the Bach Museum/ to an 800-year-old boys’ choir Motet in Leipzig. A day full of chocolate and music? It’s a dream come true!

Classes auf Deutsch

Three days of classes have already passed. I am taking a Luther class, which looks at the historical aspects surrounding the Reformation. For example, today we learned of the three kingdoms Germany has had. 800-1806 was the first Reich. 1871-1918 was the second Reich. And 1933-1945 was the—you guessed it—the third Reich. How does this relate […]