The worldwide Augustana College experience

New (old) Family and the Marathon

So I took a trip to Berlin last weekend to visit and really meet my great uncle Guenter for the first time. Train tickets are expensive, but I got to Berlin for about 40 Euro, and I made it without any trouble.  My uncle and his girlfriend Henriette of 19 years picked me up promptly […]

The Family Concept.

My Ecuadorian host family taught me a great deal about the meaning of family from the perspective of another culture. My experience not only altered my view of Ecuadorian culture, but it also gave me a new perspective on what family is to people of the United States.

I’m still here!!

My last couple days in Ecuador are filled with mixed feelings. Initially I feel like I can’t wait to leave, but I know when we finally go I will wish to have a bit more time. I want to leave Ecuador not because of the country itself, because this is a great country, but because […]

Packing by the numbers

1156- Pictures my camera can hold 438- Songs on my mp3 player (hope the people around me on the plane like to sing as much as I do!) 129- Pages in my Singapore travel guide