The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hong Kong through a typhoon

Landing in Hong Kong was everything but a normal procedure, since we were going through a turbulence in the middle of the biggest typhoon in 30 years, but I really started freaking out when captain turned on the seat belt sign, as well as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Spring, of course), at which point everybody exhaled […]

Gangnam Stylin’ in Matsuyama with the locals

Our third day in Matsuyama, professors and directors of the program arranged a whole afternoon for students with the locals. Bill Cahill ’14 and myself were lucky enough to be hosted by Michiko Izumitani, Associate Professor of Leadership and Communication at Ehime University in Matsuyama. Michiko and her family wanted us to to have the […]

If this is Osaka, what is Tokyo like?!

Due to some (un)fortunate circumstances, I had to leave the group for a day and go to Osaka. Even though all the Augie kids had tons of fun in Hiroshima, I was glad to leave for a day and see Osaka at its finest because it is the second largest city in Japan, after world’s […]

Hospitality 101 in Hiroshima

Riding on a bullet train from Kyoto to Hiroshima at a speed of more than 200 miles per hour was an extraordinary experience, but getting to Hiroshima was nothing I could ever imagine. Modern, clean and welcoming city that was exterminated off the place of the earth only 68 years ago by an atomic bomb […]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been fun and some more of the same that we experienced in Taiwan.  We’ve been to the jade market and ladies market.  The ladies market is basically a street market with so many vendors it is crazy.  The jade market in Hong Kong is smaller than the one in Taipei, however, the […]

Taipei, Taiwan

We arrived to Taipei a week ago.  It has been quite a time too.  At first I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I liked Japan, and I’m not sure I do, however, I like it a lot more than I did the first day we were out and about.  It was […]


September 1st Getting ten friends through a Japanese subway station is a pain. Getting eighty students through? That’s a nightmare. The whole group went through three stations leaving mass destruction and utter chaos in a our wake on our way from Kyoto to Hiroshima . My personal favorite moment was when everyone got on the […]

Hello Kyoto

August 25th Adventures today started just after class. We wandered into an arcade, which was pretty cool. It sounded like a Vegas casino inside, but with crane games instead of slot machines. Except here, they’re known as UFO Catchers, not crane games…We also played the Japanese version of Guitar Hero…Taiko Drum Hero. After seeing a […]

Oh Deer!

August 24th Today was Nara. Yet again, I’ve been struck by the welcoming nature of many Japanese. On the train, I got gum from a little Japanese lady who was excited to meet such an okii gaijin (big foreigner). I joked with a little Japanese boy, who mocked me for my okii-ness. I laughed with […]


Currently we are in Kyoto right now, we have been here since Wednesday night and have done so many exciting things.  Kyoto is a beautiful place to walk around in.  Everywhere you go you see mountains surrounding you.  For our first lunch in Kyoto we found a restaurant that was more of a traditional Japanese […]