The worldwide Augustana College experience

October 18th-October 23rd

This never posted so it is a little late. Oops. Day 1 in Salvador Saturday October 18th First things first, we had class early. Luckily, our Brazilian mommy made us a delicious plate of fruit, grilled cheese and something I had never had before Tapioca powder. Basically it is a tapioca powder that she heat up in […]

October 13th-17th Rio/Salvador

The end of Rio 🙁 Monday October 13th Our group got to go to the biggest tourist attraction in Rio which is the Christ the Redeemer Statue. I had absolutely no idea how tall it really was or how crowded it would be. First we took a cable car up the mountain. Part way through […]

October 7th-October 12th in Brazil!

I haven’t had much time on my laptop to write blogs and I guess that’s a good thing since it means I’m staying busy here=] Tuesday October 7th

Museo de Indio and Maracana

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. We started out with going to the Museo de Indio and looking at the exhibit that they currently have on the Ashinaka tribe. The exhibit contained many pictures of the indigenous people in their traditional clothes and with the traditional paint patterns on their faces. There were also examples […]

First 3days in Brazil:)

Well we finally made it! After flight cancellations, gate changes, flight changes, and mechanical difficulties…we are in Rio! We arrived at the hotel and made our way to class to learn more about the Salguerio samba school. It is the oldest samba school in Brazil. Afterwards, we went to a buffet where we weighed our […]

Well, that’s a downer

Sadly, the crazy weather of the Midwest won’t let us out! Our flights to Dallas and Rio were cancelled due to severe thunderstorms. Through all the Facebook posts and emails between our group we are awaiting new information from our teachers about when our new flight will be and how it will affect our itinerary.

It’s Almost Here!!!

THE DAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We arrive at the airport at noon tomorrow for our flight to Dallas then to Rio! Yessenia, one of the other girls on the trip is coming over tonight, I doubt we will get any sleep in anticipation for this trip. Our bags are packed and we are ready to […]

50 hours…

until we leave! Our flight leaves at 3pm on Thursday so we are getting done to the final moments before the trip. I did some last minute shopping today picking up magazines to read on the plane and a cord so I can attach my camera to the tablet. So with that I have a […]

Brazil 2014!

At this time on Thursday we will be on the plane to Dallas to make our connecting flight to Rio! I can’t believe that we leave this week. Today I finished packing all my bags. My suitcase weighs 27 pounds, so I will have plenty of space for bringing home presents! Up until this point […]

With trip over, Viking men reflect, return to season prep

We are back on U.S. soil!! Sophomore Brandon Motzel While it feels great to be done with the long plane rides, it is weird to not be running out to the beach to body surf on the waves or go shopping at the markets. From the basketball side of the trip in São Paulo to […]