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Magdeburg… and a random Halle


So. This last weekend was a little too relaxing for my taste.

I went to Magdeburg on Saturday. It was very nice, but the most interesting this about this city, is how modernized it is amongst all of the old East German buildings. Quite interesting to say the least. They have tried to take bright signs and lights and decorate the old gray buildings with them. Some of it was successful, some not so much.

Some of the cooler sides to Magdeburg consist of the Till Eulenspiegel monument and the Hundertwasser building. Till Eulenspiegel is a folk tale about a joker who traveled from town to town for work but always caused trouble. Hundertwasser was an architect who designed whacked out buildings with distorted lines and such. This hotel of his was his last project and houses some restaurants and gift shops.

Randomly at lunch, it was decided to head to Halle, a city about 40 min. or so away. After arriving, and getting lost considering this city obviously doesn’t appreciate the usage of signs or maps, we found the old city, and sat to drink some grog in a cafe overlooking the center square. A large church in the background provided a very scenic view from the windows. Unfortunately it was later at night so we really couldn’t go looking at too many shops or anything. Rather, we just walked around the old city for awhile and then headed home. This is one day that Deutsche Bahn decided to work out its train schedules in our favor for a change. I still can’t believe it.

Sunday. I did nothing. I sat down. All day. And did nothing. There won’t be any more days like this one from here on out.

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  1. Grog? It’s okay to drink that?

    Yea the sidewalk and the Hundertwasser building is not what I picture when you talk of Germany.
    I agree Quite interesting.

    The center square of Halle. Love it.

    I can’t get over the people walking and lack of cars in all your photos. I think I would love that.
    Think it will be strange for you to come home and drive again?

    Sorry your weekend was too relaxing for you. But sometimes it is good to just stand still.

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