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The Rain Forest.

Although I have been traveling around South America for about 7 weeks now, I still feel like this isn’t my life. It seems so surreal to be telling people back home about all my experiences. This is the kind of thing you only hear about…one of my recent captivating mind-blowing experiences was the time I spent in the Manu Rain Forest of the tropical region of eastern Perú. I mean, c’mon…I spent 5 days in the Rain Forest where I:

  • slept under a mosquito net
  • had only a few hours of electricity every day
  • killed giant bugs (well, mainly screamed at them and ran away)
  • got bit by mosquitoes possibly carrying malaria (don’t worry, we all had preventative medication)
  • hiked beautiful trails seeing all kinds of exotic plants, birds, and monkeys
  • swung from a vine like Tarzan
  • went rafting and swimming in a river surrounded by the forest with the most gorgeous view
  • zip lined through the rain forest canopy
  • waded through rivers and streams in rubber boots
  • fought off huge moths in the shower
  • fell asleep to the sound of rain softly hitting the metal roof

Can you believe it? Ha, I still don’t believe it sometimes! Good thing I took pictures to remind myself that this is reality, because it’s absolutely amazing.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

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  1. Amazing place, love the pictures

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