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Hey everyone!

My weekend has been a bit less eventful this time around. I’ve had a lot of homework and catching up to do. But, I refuse to sit my time away, and decided I needed to treat myself to a day trip at the very least; I went to Dresden.

Dresden was horrifically bombed during WWII. The amount of damage done to it is absolutely unbelievable. Everything was in rubble. It since has become one of if not the best recreated cities in Europe. Every building was reconstructed as it was beforehand, and it was breathtaking.

The people there were nicer than anywhere else that I have traveled to yet. The scenery is gorgeous. The architecture is phenomenal. The Eierscheck cake is to die for. The Café au lait is smooth. Dresden = awesome.

What isn’t awesome? Having Deutsche Bahn move the train that we needed to take from track 2 to track 4. We missed our ride home, and had to wait for two hours in a tiny station where there was no indoor facility to keep us warm at one in the morning. We arrived safely home, but very cold at two in the morning.

I recommend Dresden to everyone. Gorgeous. Not even the frigid cold could make that day bad.

3 Responses to “Dresden”

  1. Incredible.

    You are going to have a picture lecture when you get home so you can show everyone all your pictures!

  2. Nice jacket R.T.
    What does it say on it?

  3. I am just catching up (reading from Oktoberfest on). Make sure you save that traffic ticket for a souvenir:) I am glad you spent part of your weekend traveling. You will never regret it. Dresden is one city I missed seeing so now I have another reason to return. BTW, since when did my brother learn German? Does he know he should not show his son so much respect by using the formal “you”? (Joke – you have earned it). When you get back, consider a side trip to warm Florida during the winter/spring break since we won’t be in Illinois for awhile.

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