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Not much to say

So. Today I went to a German movie theater. Quite interesting.

The set up is much of that of an American movie theater. However, the popcorn was kettle, and you could purchase beer… naturally, and everyone has assigned seats printed on the ticket stubs. The previews were interesting to see in German rather than English, and many times the previews are American movies that have been dubbed over with German. Germans have mastered the art of voice overs. Even in German T.V. – it is often times American shows that have been dubbed over. They come up with pretty good translations and time it perfectly to the mouth of the actor in the original, which can be hard considering how long German words can be… Nachgeschmackenhinderlassen = to leave a bad taste in ones mouth.

The movie I saw was Männerherzen. It was pretty good. It was a comedy, with a slight bit of romance on the side (for Germans I’m sure it is considered a Romantic-Comedy, but for Americans… it lacks in the romance just a tiny bit because a Germans idea of romance is sometimes nothing to be desired for.)

Here is the link to the movie –

That’s really about it… sorry it isn’t a lot, but it was an interesting experience I’m glad I took advantage of.

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  1. I saw an American movie in theaters while I was there. It was interesting. Did they come in and try to sell ice cream to you between previews and the film??

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