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One of the best decisions of my life…

… was to travel to the Baltic Sea. You see, the Wittenberg group is on a slight vacation of sorts. We had our last classes on Wed. and then we are free to travel until today, as we go back to classes tomorrow. Originally, I was to travel south for this time and go hiking around the Bayrische Wald by the borders of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Rep. These plans fell through, and what came out was something better for me.

I went by myself (some much needed alone time from the group) up north. I went to an island in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern called Rügen. I went to a small city called Sassnitz and got to walk the shoreline. Many kept questioning the weather, but honestly, the weather couldn’t have complied more. It was barely cold, all I ever needed was a sweater, it rained about 3 times, all of which I was not outside for, so it didn’t really matter, and the sun shone. The worst part was the wind. Big whoop.

Along the shoreline are black-white rocks. When then water washes up and down, it creates crevices in the rocks and if you find one that has a complete hole worn through it, then you’ve found luck… I found a little bit too much luck, and will literally be packing my bags with rocks. Also along the shoreline are the Kreidefelsen; they are large walls/cliffs, made completely of chalk (Kreide = chalk, Felsen = rocks). They are huge, gorgeous, white walls that stretch seemingly to the sky. If you go hiking in the national park next to Sassnitz, you can look down from the Kreidefelsen and see the sea. Again, I can’t express how great of a decision this was… and I got to go hiking anyway! Who’d have thought?

I took a bus for about an hour to the northern most point of Rügen, which is the northern most part of east Germany! So cool. There are two lighthouses and tons of history to go with. It is a rather tiny place, but astonishing none the less. Along the shoreline people were digging in the rocks and chalk for little stones. I asked a lady what was going on and she told me that there are artifacts there and bones from animals now extinct. She showed me one. They were abundant in that area and now people find them and where them as jewelry.

After all of my excitement, I stopped by Rostock on the way home. To be honest there wasn’t much to see but it was interesting all the same. I was a fairly large city, but it took me awhile to find the city center. Once there, they had all sorts of neat shops and buildings to see, but with my restricted time frame, I didn’t want to linger for too long.

All in all – this trip was one of the best decisions of my life. I got away from school, people, work, everything. I went somewhere low key and quiet, and relaxed. Even though I couldn’t throw on a bathing suit and go for a nice dip and then lay out in the sun drinking a nice mixed drink, I got as close as possible, and that’s good enough for me. I know now for a fact that I can navigate myself around whenever I need to, and that figuring out how everything works in a new place is a bit scary, but once you do it, you learn and master it.

Now off to a slightly more stressful week of work than usual, but the next weekend is just around the corner… who knows what adventures await me there?

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  1. I find them very cute. I am pleased that you thought of me. Thank you very much.

    As for writing your name on that step.
    Robert Taylor do you know what the Germans do to you for chewing your stride gum too long? I hate to think of what they will do to you for this. LOL You will just have to take me there so I can see that you get that cleaned up.

    Wow that place is. I don’t even know a word for it.
    Looks to me like these plans worked out much much better for you.
    I am so happy and PROUD of you.
    That took some guts.

  2. I’ll admit, I was slightly concerned when I heard you were taking this trip by yourself. After about fifteen seconds, I questioned the concern, as I knew you’d be fine. You ARE, after all, in the Motherland! 🙂

    Those pictures are phenomenal. I am so glad you’re getting all of these great experiences!! And that you were able to have some alone time. I know how important that is to you.

    I am happy you counted stairs. That made my day lol

    Have a great day of classes!

    BTW: I talked to Aunt Kathy today. She says hi!!

  3. Wenn ich jemals nach Deutschland gehen, das ist, was ich sehen will.

  4. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! That is a part of Germany I haven’t been to. Now it is a must on my list!!

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