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Peru and Manu

So a lot has happened since my last post, and to be honest I don’t want to write a 10 page blog on this one, so I’m just going to start from the time we entered Peru!

We left Ecuador and my family for the past 3 weeks on August 21 and entered into the beautiful country of Peru.  We spent our first night in the city of Piura and then spent the following 2 nights at a hotel on the beach in a town called Trujillo.  The pacific ocean was amazing, and extremely cold.  There were several different things that washed ashore and were cool to look at like crabs, sea urchins, and mermaids purses (skate eggs!).  During our time in Trujillo, we met the mayor of the city who will be running for the presidency of Peru in the next election and planted several trees along the roadside in the city. 

The next day we took a chartered flight from Trujillo into the city of Cusco.  Cusco is the highest place that we stay at during our time in Peru at an altitude of 3800 meters (about 12,000 feet).  The next day, we went and saw several Incan ruins and I got to have a first hand account of the Peruvian medical system.  Yes, I got sick for the first time here.  I ended up spending the night in the clinic because of a stomach bug, but am glad to say that it only lasted  for a day and that I am now feeling great again.

During the past 4 days, my group went into the Amazon river basin to Manu national park.  We drove the first day and saw Peru’s national bird, the Cock of the Rock.  We spent that night in a lodge, and spent all the next day going down the river on rapids.  It has been a long time since I have been white water rafting, and it was an incredible experience that I will not forget.  The following day we went to a lake to watch for birds and try and catch a glimpse of caimans, the Amazon version of the Alligator.  Unfortunately, we did not see any caimans, but we did see a bird that has existed since the time of the dinosaurs! We spent our last day in Manu ziplining through the canopy and planting trees to help the rainforest grow (we were staying in an area that had been previously deforested and was being rebuilt). 

After leaving Manu, we returned back to Cusco where we are preparing to leave for the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu tomorrow!

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