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Quick Update from Wittenberg to Wiemar

Hey-o everyone.

Here is a quick update of life here in Wittenberg. For those of you who don’t know, I play die Posaune… the trombone, and here in Wittenberg, the day we got home from Prague, there was a huge Posaunefest! I missed a lot of it but I did get a few interesting things and got to see tons of different kinds of brass instruments and everything! It was so cool from that nerdy band kid perspective.

Next up – Angie Merkel. She is die Kanzlerin here (the president of Germany essentially). She was campaigning and came to tiny, little, small, itsy bitsy, Wittenberg! I loved it. In Germany she is conservative, but in America she would be a liberal Conservative (considering that Europe in general is more liberal than America). I have pictures to upload and I took tons of video of her speaking. The best part, I could witness it all from our youth hostile window! So cool!

Last. Weimar is this weekend! For those of you who don’t know, Weimar is a huge deal for German scholars and we get to see the house of Goethe!!!!!! Huge deal, people, huge deal. We are also going to see the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, which will be a downer, however  feel that it is something very important for German majors to explore. It is apart of a very serious time in history, and therefore must be acknowledged.

Bis Dann!

P.S. – still be on the lookout for these pics from the group, Merkel, and Weimar!

2 Responses to “Quick Update from Wittenberg to Wiemar”

  1. When you are at Buchenwald, notice the amazing view of the country side you can see from outside the gates. They did that on purpose to remind the prisoners every day of what they would never get to experience again.

    Don’t tell Vivian, but Weimar didn’t do much for me. Pretty town, but I feel there are MUCH better ones. If you guys have time, see if you can take a trek down to Rothenburg. It’s a medieval city and still has the city walls you have to go through to get in. It’s amazing!!

  2. Totally agree… Rothenburg an der Tauber ist fantastisch! Any part of southern Germany is gorgeous as is northern Austria. I never got to Buchenwald but did see Dachau. I can’t say it was amazing but definitely an emotional connection – especailly when I walked into the gas chamber and looked up to read the sign “Brause”. The neat thing was that the nuns who maintain this camp had a sign that it was not a memorial to commemorate what happened but to remind everyone of it so it would never happen again. Take advantage of any chance to travel and enjoy each moment.

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