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Leaving on a jet plane

I am currently on the plane from O’Hare to Houston and I must say, it wasn’t without it’s difficulties. I live in a small town about three hours from our departure airport, so my parents and I drove up the night before and stayed in town overnight. I, of course, still had one paper to put the finishing touches on before we left, so I spent most of the drive up to Chicago typing away. This morning I did a really dumb thing. My dad wanted to install anti-virus software on my computer and it required the restart of my computer a couple of times. At this point, I was at the stage where I just needed to go through and clean up a few sentences and check my sources, so I thought “no problem. I’ll save it to my flashdrive and finish on dad’s computer and that will be that.” The excitement of the trip must have been getting to me, because in the process of transferring the document, I managed to replace my final draft with an incomplete version of the paper that was already on the flashdrive. I was panicked. My neatly typed and organized five and a half page paper had been reduced to one, poorly worded mess and of course, the paper is due today. Why do I do this to myself? Of course this would happen mere minutes before we had to leave the hotel to go to the airport. I ended up writing a frantic e-mail to my teacher explaining the situation, but I don’t know how much it will help. Fortunately, I remembered most of what I had written and I had saved all of my sources for easy access. So here I am a couple of hours later on the plane ride to Houston with five solid pages of my paper re-written and ready to be e-mailed as soon as we land. Word to the wise: research essays are better finished and e-mailed to your professors a few days before the flight, NOT a few hours.

Now that this crisis has been averted and I can sit back and enjoy myself, I’m really excited. The full effect of international travel didn’t really hit me until we pulled up to the airport this morning. This is really happening and I’m on my way to Ecuador! I have my complete itinerary up to when we go to Cuenca and meet our host families and I’m getting giggly just reading it. There is a lot scheduled, but I couldn’t be more excited for it. We land in Quito late tonight, so nothing really starts until tomorrow morning and my first art class is on Friday. For now, I’m sitting back enjoying the flight into Houston. I’ll have to be sure to charge my laptop so I can watch movies on the five hour flight into Quito (or I could read for my classes… :-D).

 More updates to come when we arrive. I can’t wait!

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