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Preparing for the Trip

Hi everyone and thanks for reading my inaugural blog. I just returned from a weekend trip to Augie to celebrate a roommate’s birthday and now everything is starting to sink in. Everyone there wished me luck on my trip and the weekend was mostly very pleasant (with the exception of taking the GRE early Saturday morning. Not recommended for anyone also trying to prepare for a foriegn term at the same time…).

I’m sitting here realizing that packing is in the very near future, provided that I am leaving in exactly 2 days and 23 hours and 49 minutes. I don’t even have time to be nervous for the trip itself with all the preparations I have to make. I still have to cancel my phone service, get an emissions test done, get a new license, and maybe squeeze some friends and family time in among the packing.

Aside from all those things, everything is looking up. I’m going to be met at Tegel Airport in Berlin by my great uncle Gunter. I’ve never actually met him before, so I am looking forward to meeting some foriegn family. We’ll see how that goes, considering my limited experience in German conversation and his little knowledge of English. I really don’t know how smoothly it will go.

Germany itself is a big mystery to me. I know all the cliches about it’s culture and food, the bratwurst and die Lederhosen. I even know a substantial amount about thier history and social and political structures. But the books I’ve read haven’t told me what the air smells like in the bluffs of the Czech Republic, how quickly people are going to speak to me in Wittenberg, or if I’m going to immediately look out of place when I step off the plane in Berlin. As far as I know, there is only one way to find those things out.

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  1. Seany!! Your voyage is going to be wonderful, and I expect to hear all sorts of wonderful tales about all the trouble you get into (and out of). Learn lots, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice 🙂

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