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My First Post!

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Let’s see, Latin America… I think I’m ready…

In terms of packing, I’ve narrowed it down to one duffel and a backpack (a major feat). I have my anti-malarial drugs, super-charged bug spray, anti-itch spray, my first aid kit and my weaving loom for art class. I got the first pair of hiking boots I’ve needed since middle school and wore them around the house all day today to break them in. They looked stellar with the pink skirt I wore to work. My papers are all in order. I have my ISIC card, my inoculations card, my passport, and my driver’s license (just in case I need extra ID).

Actually, there is a funny story about driving that went down just a few days ago. I was talking with my dad about the upcoming trip and out of no where, he asks me if I know how to drive stick shift. My soccer mom mini-van that I learned to drive in was an automatic and so is the car I drive now… “”  He continued to go on about how if for some reason I had to drive in Latin America, it would be a stick shift. I laughed a little because there’s no way that could happen; but there I was fifteen minutes later in the driver’s seat of my little brother’s car, stalling the engine for about the third time in a row. “It’s easy. Push all the way down on the clutch, put it into first, give it a little gas and gently let up on the clutch at the same time” He was a very patient teacher. I eventually got it, but thank God for empty country roads because I would have ticked off a lot of drivers with my stopping and starting and in general: not going anywhere for five minutes at a time. Will I need this skill in Latin America? I certainly hope not.

The only thing left for me to do is to finish up those two papers that are due before we leave… The History assignment is tripping me up a little because I have to go through a lot of news articles from a lot of sites; but I think I’m almost there. Then there’s that reflection paper… plenty to write about there 🙂 I know I’ll be fine, but I’m so excited to go soon!

Ecuador, I’ll be there before you know it.

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