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Sushi- Finally!

Greetings once again from the Tokyo airport!

Yesterday was pleasant, but exhausting.  I woke up fairly early in the morning to go back to the temple that I visited on my first day here.  I figured since it was where I started my Thailand adventure, it would make sense for me to come full circle and end it there, too.  And besides, I felt I needed to pay my respects to this country, it’s people, and it’s religion that have given me so much.  This time, I knew exactly what to do;  I even lit the incense at the right end!  My fortune this time was much better.  It said I would learn something from a great teacher, I could win my legal case, and that my outlook was generally good.  Such an improvement from the first fortune I received at this temple.  I spent the rest of the day at the weekend market (no pickpocketers this time, thank goodness)  and then headed home to get packed before leaving for the airport at 9.

As I boarded my plane from Bangkok to Tokyo about 7 hours ago, I was fairly depressed for several reasons.  First, one of my suitcases was overweight and I had to pay extra to put it on the plane.  But luckily everything is cheap in Thailand and it was only $25.00.  Second, I’m really going to miss that crazy city.  The friendly people, the myriad of smells, the traffic jams, and most of all the children.  Their little faces were in my mind as my plane took off down the runway.  I thought about each of them sleeping peacefully in the city below and wished that they would all grow up to be happy, whatever that may mean for them.  They have taught me so much and I wish them only the best.

But mostly, I was depressed because I hadn’t eaten any sushi on this trip.  To come all the way to Asia and not eat sushi seemed like such a waste of a plane ticket.  But lo and behold, as I was on my way to my next gate in the Tokyo airport, I saw it- “SUSHI- EAT IN OR TAKE AWAY.”  Thank you, Jesus, and Buddha, and the Narita Airport, and whoever else was involved in this divine miracle! My trip finally felt complete as I sat down to enjoy my two rolls.  The chef at the sushi bar laughed at me as I excitedly snapped pictures of my food, the restaurant, and him:

mmmmm love it!

mmmmm love it!

Well I gotta get going, it’s about time to board.  My plane leaves here at 10:30am Sunday morning and I arrive in Chicago at 8:30 am Sunday morning.  So if my calculations are correct, I should be arriving at O’Hare in approximately -2 hours.

Thanks so much for following my blog.  It has been so much fun reading all of your comments and knowing that you’re thinking of me while I’m gone.  I have definitely been thinking about you all and have missed you a lot.  Although I will miss this place, it will be good to be home.  I’m starting to dream in an Asian accent, which is a little strange.

Love Always,


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  1. I was wondering about the Sushi. Looking forward to our trip to O’Hare in the morning to finally see my baby home on American soil. I’ll be watching the flight from Tokyo to Chicago on line.

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