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Boston Bay Goodbye

As we arrived at the airport in Jamaica, I was mixed with feelings of sorrow and excitement. Although I was excited to get home to my family (and my cats) whom I missed dearly, I was also somber to be leaving a place in which I had created so many memories. Our trip was concluded at the Great Huts in Port Antonio, a place you must see to believe. The Great Huts and the other destinations we traveled to while staying there truly allowed us to capture and experience Jamaica’s beauty. As a girl who has grown up in the Midwest with no mountains, large bodies of water, or any other impressive landforms, stepping out onto a cliff overlooking miles of pure ocean is an incredible experience. The Great Huts not only allowed us to enjoy Jamaica’s beauty, but her people as well. We traveled to the market where I was able to talk with many Jamaicans about their lives and the goods they sold. I learned quite a bit about people from a culture unlike my own and the zest they had for life. Even just walking to the various food huts along the road outside of the Great Huts resort gave me a more immersive feeling into the culture of Jamaica. I got to eat fresh jerk chicken and festival, and even play dominos at the local bar.

As I boarded the plane to the U.S. I remembered not only these most recent experiences, but all of the experiences I was fortunate enough to have throughout this trip. This was my first time traveling outside of the country, and I am sure it will not be my last. I cannot describe the feeling you get when you are in another country, another culture. Your eyes are opened to the world around you and, while you begin to realize how small you really are in this great bug world, I felt that I learned even more about myself, my values, and my outlook on life throughout this journey. Jamaica is a beautiful country with her own unique culture and people, a place that I will not soon forget.


(Yes this picture is cheesy, but I don’t care.)

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