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Journal #3: Great Huts at Boston Bay

Our trip has come to a close after 12 days of being on this wonderful island. We ended our journey at the Great Huts at Boston Bay, about a half hour from Port Antonio. We stayed in huts that were more rustic than the past two places because they were open air rooms, meaning we did not have air conditioning and the bathrooms were outside and somewhat exposed. My roommate and I stayed in a two-story hut over looking the ocean, which was named African Sunrise. We made sure to get up every morning to watch the sunrise because, as the huts name would suggest, we had a great view of the eastern sky.

After we ate dinner on the first night, a group of us went out to play dominos at a local bar. It was a bit intimidating because the local people were watching us and telling us what to play. There is a lot more skill than I thought that went into the game of dominos. You have to be perceptive to what others are playing or not playing and always be counting the dominos to know how many of a number is left. I left with my head feeling a little more confused than when I got there but it was also a lot of fun to learn from people who play the game all the time.

On the first full day at the huts, we took an adventure to Reach Falls, where we climbed, crawled, and jumped through a river. In the end, we were given the opportunity to jump off the waterfall, which was probably 20 feet tall, maybe taller. I did not know that I had it in me to jump off something that high up as I have a slight fear of heights, but when was the next time I would have a chance to do something that crazy? After putting it off for a few minutes I just let my mind go blank and jumped. It was insane! I am really glad that I did it though because I feel like there would be some regret if I did not do it.

These last two weeks have been amazing and I am so grateful to have been able to go on a trip like this. I have learned so much about not only the culture but myself as well. I cannot wait to take what I have learned from both the culture and my teaching experience at the Alpha Schools and use it in my future classroom.

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