The worldwide Augustana College experience

Blog Post #3

On Tuesday we arrived at the Great Huts after driving through the treacherous mountains and having lunch at the Blue Mountain Cafe. The hut I stayed in was called the Bamboo hut. There was a full size fridge with a large stove and kitchen area with a big couch as well. You would walk through a curtain to get to the bedroom area where there was a tree trunk shaped bathtub, a shower, a toilet with no door, and the bed which had mosquito netting around it. The first morning waking up at the Great Huts I woke up at 6 am to go to the edge of the cliff to watch the sunrise which was a little at cloudy but still very pretty and such a cool thing to watch. While at the Great Huts we went to Reach Falls where we had a awesome tour guide who took us through the falls where we eventually jumped off the waterfall when we got to the end of the excursion. The water was clear, cool, and fresh, and there were many fish in it. While at the Great Huts we ate lots of jerk. The jerk chicken and lobster was especially good. I also ate a lot of festival bread which is sort of like funnel cake, but better. We got to play dominoes with some of the locals at a bar and that was really fun to have them help us learn the rules better and cheering us on. We went to the Market at Port Antonio where I bought a mango, some bananas, paintings by street artists, and a few other cool things. When we got to the hotel on the last night I took my mango to the bartender and asked her to make me a mango daiquiri and it was delicious! I also got some guava jelly at the grocery store that they had at breakfast at the Great Huts that tasted amazing! One of the days at the huts we went to the Blue Lagoon for lunch and them swam across the Lagoon to jump off the tree and ropes at the other side. It was a very long and tiring swim, but the water was easy to float in and very clear so it wasn’t too bad. On the very last day at the huts before we got in the vans to leave, I went surfing! There was a local giving surfing lessons down at the beach so I went and it was such a fun experience I would definitely do it again. Then we traveled to the last hotel for the last night and woke up in the morning to drive to the airport where we went on planes all day until we got home!


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