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Jamaica Blog #3

We left Kingston and traveled through the mountains which included incessant honking and tight squeezes while going around the corners. There were a few times we almost didn’t make it. Really! We stopped at the Blue Mountain Cafe and bought their excellent coffee – best I have ever had. The views from there were spectacular. We arrived at the Great Huts, which was a very unique experience. It was very much like camping. We met the owner and creator who told us the history of the huts. The African Sunrise where Liz and I stayed was a two story hut with a porch swing, a spectacular view of the sunrise, and at night the waves lulled me to sleep. All the rooms were of an African motif and were at one with nature.

We had many great experiences there. The first night we played dominos, which is very popular. Another day we traveled to Reach Fall which was amazing. Our first task was to go under a waterfall into a cave. It was like an obstacle course going upstream. At the end of the stream we went through an underwater hole to get underneath a waterfall. Many jumped off the waterfall. Another day we went to the Blue Lagoon which is salt water and fresh water together. It was very relaxing and easy to swim in as we could easily float.

Another day we went to the Port Antonio Market where the locals sell produce and handmade items. I bought a coconut bowl and bracelet. There is bartering there but not as extreme as in China.

My overall impression of Jamaica consists of a colorful mixture of emotions and experiences – the peace of watching the sun rise from our African Sunrise hut, the thankfulness that we made it through that mountain safely, the gratefulness that I didn’t step on a sea urchin, the excitement of seeing a starfish, the sadness of leaving Alpha Boys School, the happiness of experiencing the beauty and grace of the Jamaican people. I will always be grateful for this experience in beautiful Jamaica and would love to return. Smile Jamaica!

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