The worldwide Augustana College experience

Tail end of the trip

We spent the tail end of our trip at the Great Huts. This was such a great experience, because it didn’t have quite the same luxury as an all-inclusive resort. The hut I stayed in was called the Bamboo Garden. It consisted of a white sandy floor, a toilet and bathtub without walls or curtains around them, and a shower, which thankfully had a curtain. It’s safe to say you better not care about having any privacy if you wanted to stay in the Bamboo Garden! Half of the hut was covered, but there was half that was not covered, so the one night it rained a lot, some of our hut got wet. Simply, staying in the huts was practically like camping.

During our time in the Great Huts, we were able to do several touristy things. One day, we traveled to Reach Falls. My classmates and I swam through the waterfall, hiked and swam throughout the freshwater creek, and crawled through an underground tunnel. Finally, we were able to jump approximately 30 feet off the top of the waterfall. This was one of greatest things I have ever accomplished. I have cliff jumped at St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado, but it took a lot of convincing. Without little hesitation, I took a leap of faith from the top of the waterfall. The adrenaline rush was so thrilling and it was so exciting to see my fellow classmates to conquer their fears as well! We spent some time at a beautiful beach after traveling to Reach Falls. We soaked up some sun and jumped waves.

Another day, we went to the market. It was so fun looking at all of the local crafts and food items for sale. I found it difficult to barter with the shop owners because I didn’t want to offend them by offering a lower price than what they were asking, but I eventually got the hang of it! I also found it very hard to say “no” when the shop owners asked me to take a look at the items they were selling and to walk away from a purchase. A lot of the vendors were selling almost the same exact items and after a few hours of shopping I decided to call it quits due to the lack of money left in my wallet!

Lastly, we were lucky enough to spend some time at the Blue Lagoon. The water was so beautiful and refreshing, but nothings can compare to the lunch that was made for us! We had the option to eat fish or chick, along with salad, pasta salad, and rice and beans. The fish was so flavorful! Not everyday does the chef at a villa invite you for lunch, but I am so glad he did!

The chef’s kindness and willingness to host us even though he had guests staying at the villas was just a small representation of the rest of the people in Jamaica. Their genuine kindness flourishes and they go out of their way to help others. This made such an impact on my experience in the beautiful country of Jamaica, and it also reminded to me to treat others how I would like to be treated. So long Jamaica. I hope to meet again.

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