The worldwide Augustana College experience

The Great Huts

The last place we stayed was the Great Huts resort in Boston Bay, Jamaica. For many of us, our first day at the Great Huts was somewhat of a shock. The huts were beautiful, but we did not have access to internet in our living spaces, and there was no air conditioning. We also did not have windows so we had to sleep with mosquito nets at night. This was definitely a different environment than many of us were used to, but I absolutely loved the Great Huts! I really enjoyed getting to experience nature-especially plants and animals I do not get to see at home-in such an immersive environment. While our time in Kingston was more focused on Jamaican society, the Great Huts gave us a chance to experience some of the environment on the rainy, forested side of  the environment. The Great Huts were surrounded by beautiful trees and different tropical plants. There was a beach, and everywhere we looked, we could see an incredible view of the ocean or different plants surrounding our area.

One of the coolest things we saw during this time was our tour of the Reach Falls. While at Reach Falls, we were given a tour involving swimming, crawling, jumping, and falling. The tour was very exciting. At the end, many people jumped off of the cliff at a height of approximately 30-ish feet. I really wanted to jump off of the cliff, but unfortunately, I was too nervous and could not bring myself to do it! I eventually jumped off a smaller cliff, but the bigger cliff was just not going to happen.

At this point in the trip, many people began to get a little homesick and burnt out, because traveling can be very exhausting. Despite this, I am so thankful for every experience I had on this trip. I have never been on a trip this long without my family before, so this was very exciting and nerve-wracking for me. I have never felt so immersed in a culture different from my own, and I am grateful for every person I met on this trip and conversations I was able to have with the locals. I will never forget this trip!

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