The worldwide Augustana College experience

Port Antonio and the Great Huts

The great huts were spectacular. I feel that everyone should have that experience. The huts were beautiful and the views that we saw while we were there were breathtaking. The market was a great experience. I have to admit that it was a little scary and intimidating at first but it soon became fun. The ladies that were in the back of the market were very sweet. They knew Dr. Egan and wanted to talk to us about our experiences in the schools. They were happy that we came and volunteered at the Alpha Schools.

The huts were a nice experience. They gave you a very natural glimpse of Jamaica. At the huts we were reading the paper and we saw some things about Vybz and his recordings. As I mentioned before, the Jamaican people really are fans of his music. I was reading an article that was headed More Want to Hear Kartel’s Voice. This is what I have heard from other people too. They want him out and think that he will be out in the matter of 2 years. It said in the article that his songs should be banned from the airwaves. The news article even talks about the book I read for class, The Voice of The Jamaican Ghetto. It says that the book should be “read by every Jamaican and anyone who is interested in the real Jamaica.” It was just serial that we saw the articles. I never would have guessed that Vybz was that big.  I have also been thinking about my paper for the final project and thought it might be interesting to do a three way economics paper with Jamaica, Norway, and the US. From driving to Port Royal, I was thinking that it would be cool if I could intergrate my experience from Norway into my paper. One item that was thinking was the driving experiences. I don’t know I just thought that it would be an interesting spin on the paper.

I can say I am in love with Jamaica. It is a beautiful country and the people are the nicest people that I have ever met. This whole trip was one that I will never forget. I made many new friends and enjoyed every bit of it.

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