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Jamaica Journal #3: The Great Huts

I’m writing this right now siting in the upstairs lobby because the wifi doesn’t reach anywhere else. As the days go on, I find myself enjoying being disconnected from the life of starring at the phone¬†screen all day long. It gives me time to reflect on everything that happened on this trip (the resort, Kingston, and being at the elementary school), enjoying the breathtaking view, and just reading a good book at the beach. We were here at the great huts for only two and a half days but it’s been one of the places I will never forget. Each hut is unique in its own way. Some house 8 people, while others only have 2. Some you have to climb up two sets of stairs just to reach your bed, and others you open a curtain and your bed is right there in front of you. It’s a very nature center place. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to shower outside without solid walls around me and I can saw that I got use to the freedom it gave me. I can finally saw I bathed outside (sort of).

We experienced many more of the tourist place while still managing to see Jamaicans around and experience their culture. We went to beaches, jerk restaurants, and even shopped in a local market in Port Antonino. We traveled in a cave and through a river at Reach Falls, where people were able to jump off cliffs. We swam at the blue lagoon. I’ve never seen water so clear. I was still able to see my feet even when I was swimming in the deepest part of the lagoon. At the market, we go to experience the shopping and bargaining that people do just to make a living. There I was able to talk down prices, as well as buy some things for myself as well as others. I was nervous at first going into the market because I didn’t know what to expect and we learned in class that Jamaicans in the market can be very aggressive, especially when it comes to them wanting you to look at their items. After walking around the market , I become more comfortable because I was with a group and I realized that the market people were fair and were willing to listen to me when I gave a price or I just said no thank you. I was able to get some things that I will have to remember this trip.

Even though it was a tiring adventure, I will never change it for the world. I was able to learn things that I would have never been able to learn in a normal classroom. I talked to Jamaicans and learn more ablout their way of life and how we are not different at all, even though we come from very different cultures. I will always be grateful for this experience and will never forget the lessons I have learned on this trip, especially the people I have met along the way.

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