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Blog Post #2

The past 6 days we were in Kingston, teaching and observing at the Alpha schools. It was such a great experience being able to work with the children and getting to interact with them. All of the children are so loving and kind. Even the kids who weren’t in the classroom I was in would come up to me and hug me, hold my hand, and say hi. The first day in the 6th grade classroom at Alpha Primary, they were learning about the seasons in the different hemispheres. I was able to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the different seasons in Illinois. Anna and I explained all the different aspects of winter to the children, what we wear, how we prepare our homes, the weather, and more. It was a lot of fun to see all the hands go up while we were talking and to be able to hear and answer all their questions that they had about the weather in Illinois. We also got to help out the teacher, Miss Garrison, by grading the practice tests that the students took in preparation for their standardized test, the CXC. On the second day at the school, we graded more tests for the teacher, and got the chance to listen to Sparrow Martin talk about the history and purpose of the Alpha boys schools, and about many different aspects of music in Jamaica and in his life. Over the weekend we visited the Trench Town culture house, as well as Bob Marley’s house where we met his son Julien Marley. Bob has 7 sons that are accounted for, but who knows how many sons he actually has. We also went to Lime Cay where we took a boat to the island and spent several hours there walking around, snorkeling, collecting shells, and just hanging out. Sunday night, we were told that there was a free concert where Chronix, as well as the Marley children would be performing. However, it turned out to be a dud. We showed up and were the only people there and were told by the DJ that there would be no live music there that night. Monday at the Primary was school, Anna and I graded more tests for the teacher. We also got to observe her give a math lesson which was very interesting to see how their math lessons were much less interactive than math classes I have had in the United States. Tuesday we left the school and drove through the mountains all day to get the Port Antonio where we have been staying at theĀ Great Huts

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