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Jamaica Journal #2: Life in Kingston

While arriving at Kingston, I was slightly nervous because it was something totally new and I felt like we stood out like a sore thumb because of our appearance. At the resort, it didn’t truly hit me that we were in Jamaica because we were still around Americans, in a very beautiful, relaxing place, and with no Jamaicans to really interact with except for the staff which we couldn’t really talk with. In Kingston, I think it really hit me because I was around the people and in their word and not the world of a resort. I was able to travel throughout the city and talk to some people who were at the restaurant, as well as the places we went to while in Kingston.

We were able to go to a school in Jamaica called Alpha Primary. There, I was able to observe a 4th grade classroom. I was able to see the differences and also similarities in a Jamaican classroom, compared to an American classroom. Their class is smaller and also they have more students in the classroom. There are also not much rules, but respect is still shown to the teachers. Some guidelines are more strict then America, and the punishment reflects that. I can’t wait to explore moreover the differences and similarities in my paper when we get back to America.

I really enjoyed observing and being the kids in the Jamaica school. The students there were filled with joy and very open and lovabe towards us. They welcomed us with open arms even though they didn’t need to. I hope to return to the school some time in the future.

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