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First Blog Post

We just got to New Kingston and I have had time to reflect on my time at the resort. On the way driving to the resort we saw a cat get run over and it was sad. There were also many goats and dogs roaming the sides of the road. The resort was really great. I had a wonderful experience getting to swim in the ocean, snorkel, and play on the beach. It was awesome getting to look under the water and see all of the colorful blue and yellow fish, coral, and sea urchins. All of the people at the resort were very nice and hospitable. We got to sing along with the piano player for awhile and that was really fun too. The food was very good, especially the French toast, and the made to order wraps. There was also a delicious coconut cream layer cake that very delicious as well. We also got to have dinner in the hotel restaurant where the food was served on blocks of wood, dumptrucks, Mr.Potato heads, and other cool and creative dishes. On Tuesday, we went on a grand adventure to the Green Grotto where we explored in a cave. These caves were used by slaves to escape from their masters, and pirates also used the caves to harvest ammunition for their weapons. In the caves we saw bats, spiders, and snakes including the Jamaican Boa. The cave had some difficulties to it such as steep slopes, and small holes that we had to crawl through to get out. There was also a giant lake that you could see all the way to the bottom of on account of the water being so clear. On Wednesday we drove to New Kingston and stopped at the Seville house on the way. There was a creek with a tiny waterfall, pigs, puppies, and little lizards. We walked around barefoot in the creek for awhile before getting back in the car and driving for awhile before we stopped at a bank to get Jamaican money and arrived at the hotel.

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