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Jamaica: Jewel Resort at Runaway Bay

We’ve only been in Jamaica for about a day and a half and it already feels like so much has happened! As soon as we stepped foot into the resort we were handed drinks and our luggage was taken for us to our rooms. All food and drinks here are free and the workers run around like crazy to make sure everything is comfortable for us. We’re surrounded by mostly white families and couples on vacation. As amazing as this resort is I find myself feeling guilty being here. After spending 10 weeks reading/talking about the rich culture and past struggles of Jamaica the whole feeling of this resort feels fake in a way. It’s like they’re presenting themselves as the white tourist version of Jamaica which makes sense since it is a resort. For the most part the workers seem to really enjoy their jobs, earlier I saw a worked on the beach join a group of young boys and their dad in a game of tag football. I just can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed about being white here!
While we were free most of the day to chill on the beach, swim in the ocean, or go to the pools, we did take a group trip to the Green Grotto Caves. A tour guide took us through the caves, telling us stories about different areas. He was a really funny and engaging guy and the whole experience was awesome! It definitely got me ready to experience more of the true Jamaican culture rather than the postcard version of the resort.

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