The worldwide Augustana College experience


When people go on a trip abroad, they go for one main reason- the experience in a new place.

Sure, each and every reason person has their own personal reason for choosing to go abroad, and more specifically where they go and their purpose being there. In my case, the purpose is interning abroad and learning how the world works on the other side of the world. However, that side of the trip abroad ends at 5pm every weekday. That gives me a lot of free time at the end of the day. When mixed with my natural curiosity this creates a strong urge for exploring. One I can’t help but give way to.



This holds very true for my travel buddies as well, which is just a recipe for adventure. In few short weeks we have been here, we have gone out most every night. By that I mean, we have gone out and looked for a new place in the city to explore. We are only three weeks in and our feet already want to kill us, though our leg muscles only seem to get stronger with each step. So far we have walked up and down the scenic layouts of the Rocks, Circular Quay, Manly Beach, Darling Harbor, and Wentworth Falls (among other places) and gotten lost more times than I can count. But that is part of the fkoalaun.

Seeing all the sights Sydney, and the rest of Australia for that matter, have to offer is something that we can never learn from just books. This is what is making your trip worth it for us so far. Being that we are all Americans living together, we want to get the Australian experience as much as we can, which in this case means a lot of walking and a lot of photos.


So far we have found several small shops, hidden restaurants, beautiful national parks and trails, an amazing waterfall, and more flying foxes than I can possibly count. There is still a lot more for us to see and while we probably won’t see all the wonderful sights Australia has to offer, that won’t stop us from trying!



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