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Three Days in and A LOT of walking

The moment we set foot on Sydney the cold bitter winds and ice of Illinois were but a distant memory, which is exactly where I wanted them.


My journey to Australia was a rather interesting one to say the least, due to some delays and flight issues, the group I was traveling with ended up arriving in Sydney a day later than planned; of course there are worse places to spend an extra  day than LA.  In fact, the say in LA ended up being quite the experiance. But that is neither here nor there.


The real experiance starts the morning of our arrival in Sydney. After the blur of customs and baggage claim came the fresh air of Sydney. From the moment I entered the country though, it was go time. The company arranging our stay has seminars to attend and a lot of information to give. I will admit, while it was a tad overwhelming it was definitely worth it. Especially the tours.

It wasn’t until we went on a scavenger hunt and walked to the Sydney Opera House that I actually felt like I was in Sydney, Australia. The moment those iconic sails came into view I gasped as the realization that I was on the other side of the world came to me. From there visiting the Opera House, Bondi Beach, and taking multiple tours of the city took on a whole new meaning. The experiance was nothing short of awing.


Even it they did come at the cost of feeling in my feet.

To be fair, I should have expected the walking. Sydney is a major city like and like any other big city your two main options for transport are public and walking. What I didn’t realize was that when you get lost, you tend to walk more, and that happened quite a bit. It doesn’t help that I have terrible sense of direction. Luckily, Sydney has plenty of signs and landmarks that make getting from point A to going C at least somewhat easier. I won’t say it is a walk in the park, but it is manageable. Really, it is an experiance. Getting a little lost along the way is actually a lot of fun as you see more than you would have other wise. There is nothing quite like meaning to walk to Chinatown and somehow ending up on the Harbor.

There is still a lot more to do here in Australia, and a lot to learn. We are only just starting the 7 weeks. I for one are excited to see what the country Down Under will bring!!!

Stay Tuned!!


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  1. Walking in a new city is always a mixture of scary and exhilarating! Enjoy. Hope you brought some good shoes.

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