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Out and About in Bangkok

Hello again!

Life has been pretty good around here lately. Not too much going on, but it’s been nice to have a few days to relax.

Sunday we slept in and hung out around the house which was wonderful!  Then in the evening, Maggie, Crystal, and I went to MBK, one of the big shopping malls, to shop a little.  I bought 4 more pairs of shoes.  oops.  We ended the evening by seeing a movie Called “Dear Galileo.”  It’s about two Thai girls who move to Europe and the ups and downs of their journey.  The movie was in Thai but had English subtitles, which was nice : )  I could definitely relate to some of the things the girls experienced being in a foreign country!

Monday we had “English Camp” at my school.  This means that the CCS staff, the 3 of us that normally work at my school, and 2 other volunteers ran a day-long intensive English program for the 4th graders.  The kids went in groups of about 20 to different stations that we were running.  For my station, I got to teach Sign Language to the kids.  I only had about 50 minutes with each group, so I taught them the alphabet and how to say “my name is” in sign.  It was a lot of fun and I think the kids really liked it.

After school, our cultural activity was to do some Thai tie-dying.  We were given a pair of white fisherman pants to tie-dye.  Having tie-dyed a few times at camp this summer, I was ready to go!  But it was a little different than camp.  Instead of using rubber bands, we used plastic string, and we used natural dyes made from mangosteen fruit peels.  Not sure how they turned out yet, they’re still drying.

Last night, some girls and I went out looking for a salon to get our nails done and some people wanted a hair cut.  After a lot of running around, we found one that was nearby and really cheap.  I got a pedicure and a manicure that cost me about $5 total.  Woohoo!

Today, Chuwanna was at a seminar for English teachers, so I helped out with Alex’s kindergarten class instead.  It was very different teaching 5 year-olds instead of 9-year olds, but they were so cute!  They really don’t understand that I don’t speak Thai, so they would come up to me and say things in Thai and then expect me to respond.  It was pretty funny.

Tonight we are learning Thai massage.  I’m so excited!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back soon!



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  1. Hi Punks!
    It sounds like you aren’t ready to come back from your adventure yet. I’m glad you are having a good time. Time is running short so make the most of your remaiing days. And keep the blogs coming. See you soon.

  2. Oh, Katrina. And I was so proud of you at the beginning of your journey for the reasonable quantity of shoes that you brought with you. In this one purchase you exceeded the number of shoes that are currently in my closet in my dorm. 🙂

    I hope your Thai massage was delightful. I miss you! I’m glad you are having fun but I can’t wait to see you and hear your stories complete with facial expressions and exhuberant hand motions!

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