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Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Well. It’s official. I am a terrible blogger! Okay, maybe not quite “terrible” but I am about a week behind. Instead of boring you with what last week was, I’ll simply give a brief overview:

Monday through Thursday- I started my internship at Life Changing Experiences, which runs a program called SISTER2sister. This foundation is incredibly small-they operate out of a one room office and rely heavily on grants and donations to operate, but they do amazing work. They work with Sydney’s marginalized and at-risk teen girls and give them a positive role model that they may not have in their lives. Honestly, their work is indescribable and probably extremely underrated for what they have accomplished.
Friday- Kendra, Sarah, Jill, and I all took the trip to Paddy’s Market! As amazing as it was, it was extremely overwhelming. There were so many booths and stalls and smells and colors, and just wow! It was great to finally get down there and see what it was all about; as well as find the real deals for clothes and stuff. We then went to lunch and walked back towards the accommodation and went to a chocolate bar! Which was just as great as you’d probably imagine. There were so many chocolate options, I got the “milkshake”; one thing I can’t get over (and I’m discovering I miss terribly) are the milkshakes here. Although they’re great, it’s simply just frothed milk, I really just want an American milkshake!
Saturday- The girls from yesterday plus Taylor and Rachel and I all went to the aquarium. Kendra and I had the absolute time of our lives and were transformed into little kids again. We honestly spent at least 15 minutes in each area, if not more. Overall if you like the aquarium and have a day to kill, I’d recommend it! Afterwards, we split up and Kendra, Sarah, and I went to the Queen Victoria Building where we shopped. It sounds like an expensive place BUT if you travel far down into the depths of the Lower Ground level, you will find the truly affordable shops. When we got back to the accommodation, everyone got ready for the night. For the first time since leaving New Zealand, we all went to Scubar. The lines were long and it was absolutely packed. Overall, we had a great time, light on the drinks but heavy on the dancing.
Sunday- Very relaxed day. Honestly, no one really did much. Ken and Sarah went to the Rocks while another group of girls went to Paddy’s. I was in the minority and slept mostly.

Gosh, sorry for the length! On to this week though….I can’t promise it’ll be any shorter though….:
Monday- Once again. Very relaxed. Some people had to work, I was one in few that did not and instead used the majority of my data plan to Skype my mom while I found the Broncos game on TV. I was so excited! I got to cheer on the team from 10,000 miles away to a playoff win against the Patriots and advancement to the Superbowl! I am beyond excited for the game on Feb 8–think my boss will give me the morning off? Just kidding! Kinda…
Tuesday- Happy Australia Day!! The way I like to think of this is Australia’s Fourth of July. It’s a public holiday so almost everybody had the day off and we spent it by going to the beach! I honestly forgot how much I loved the ocean and sand and swimming and being in the water until I got here. In order to wrap up our day, a group of us went to Darling Harbour and watched fireworks. ‘Cause c’mon, is it really a holiday if there aren’t any fireworks?
Wednesday and Thursday- Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go….so there’s that.
Friday- Today, I took the train into North Sydney to do some errands which I then came back to the apartment where I are lunch and then napped. The girls and I all ordered pizza and ate quite a bit, more than I would really like to admit to..oh well. When in Rome, right? I opted to stay in. A lot of people went out, but tonight just felt like a night to hang out and do nothing, especially after all that pizza.
Saturday-┬áThe group went on a tour of the Sydney Opera House. We got to learn so much! We even go the special surprise of seeing Sydney’s own Sammy the Seal, so that was neat. Afterwards, a smaller group of us (Taylor, Rachel, Sarah, Diana, Kendra, Meghan, Chris, Frank, Jill, and Kelsey) decided to grab a quick lunch/early dinner as it was just before 5…oops. We then made the journey home in the middle of a monsoon, and to celebrate our dafe return we went to bed and didn’t go out.
Sunday- We woke up nice, bright, and early at 10 am for FREE PANCAKES! If there has been anything that I’ve learned in college is to take advantage of any and just about all free food. They were alright… Oh well! Free is free. To celebrate our weekend and start of the next week, Jill, Rachel, and I went to the beach (we were later joined by Taylor, Kelsey, Frank, and Chris) and just got to lay. That’s our new phrase on this trip “to lay”. It’s applicable to almost anything. It really was quite the relaxing day, and I really hope I can spend more on the beach(es).

Until next (time) week!

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