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More Fun Firsts

We had more trips today to other factories in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachinaka and Rinko Works. Our day included more presentations, factory tours, and Q&A sessions. At Rinko works, we got the pleasure of seeing a completed excavator. Normally they do not completely assemble the machines because they are difficult to ship; however, they had finished it due to customer’s request, so we got to see it. At Rinko, they make very big excavators and dump trucks which are used for mining. That was pretty interesting to see them being built. We also learned that at those factories there are Shinto shrines which the managers would pray at once a month for success in their company. Again, there was no pictures inside the factories as it is not allowed.


After our visit to the factories, we stopped to see the beach. I have been having a lot of firsts here in Japan, and today it was my very first time to see the ocean. We saw the Pacific Ocean which was a gorgeous view. The water was so blue and clear.


Speaking of my firsts, we went to a fish market. When we walked in, the fish smell was very strong, but it was so cool. There were so many different kinds of fresh sea food there as well as packaged sea food. For example, there was yellowtail, crab, shrimp, octopus, and many more varieties. It must be very nice and convenient for the people who live around that area because they can stop by fish markets and buy fresh seafood to cook for dinner.





Now we are in Ueno. After eating dinner (a cheeseburger!), I enjoyed walking around Ueno with friends. Japan feels so safe and while the nightlife is much less than in Shinjuku, it is still great to see people out and about. I will enjoy exploring it more in the morning.

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