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To Hitachinaka and back to Tokyo!

The group went to so many different places today it feels like it was two days smashed into one. First, we started out by taking a bus to Hitachinaka and Hitachinaka-Rinko production plants. Between the two, we saw medium, large, and extra large excavators on the production lines as well as a few dump trucks. However only the medium and large excavators were assembled at the plant, the others are too large to assemble pre-shipment. Hitachi once again fed us a wonderful lunch as well as provided us with transportation throughout the day as well as back to Tokyo. The group was able to gather some good information and learn about the product in which we are studying.

On the way home to Tokyo is where the group began to have a little more fun. We had a last minute decision to stop at the beach. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the warm sand and cold water. Also, we stopped at a small fish market where many of us discovered new fish in which we did not know existed.

Once arriving back in Tokyo, this time in Ueno, the group went out for a much needed American inspired dinner; many of us ordering burgers and fries. After a stroll around the block, the day came to a close.

An eventful day to say the least.

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