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Hitachi Limited, Tsuchiura, and Karaoke


Sushi dinner with Hitachi!

Sushi dinner with Hitachi!

Yesterday started off with our first relocation after arriving in Tokyo. We packed our bags and made our way to Hitachi Limited. After navigating the busy and crowded public transit of Tokyo with all of our belongings, we reached Hitachi Limited office. When we arrived, we were greeted and then we were taken to the 9th floor. They brought us to the VIP room (which I hardly felt qualified to be in) and then they lead us through several rooms with interactive displays that seemed to be taken straight from science fiction movies. After impressing us with their technology, we gathered our items and headed to Tsuchiura. The train ride took about an hour, as we transitioned from the crowded, busy streets of Tokyo to the open, agricultural, and residential landscape outside of the city.

We arrived in Tsuchira and were escorted by bus to Hitachi Tsuchiura Works were we learned more about Hitachi Construction Machinery and we even had the chance to see some machines at the training facility. Next we arrived at a different Hitachi location in Tsuchiura, where we had another tour of the training facilities and then joined the members of Hitachi that were present for dinner. They took us to a small “party” room where we enjoyed sushi, fried tofu, melon, salad, and much more. Needless to say, I was in heaven. Give me sushi and tofu and I am set. During dinner, we had the opportunity to mingle with Hitachi employees. This helped me reestablish what I love about the Japanese people. Everyone was so eager to give and share with us, whether it be stories, or even simply offering to refill our drinks. They were excited to speak to us and we were excited to learn from them. It’s amazing how happy everyone was in that hour that we shared dinner together. I am always incredibly impressed by the kindness and generosity of the Japanese people. They treated us so well and made us feel important. They even surprised Emily with a birthday cake to celebrate her late birthday. Later that evening, Mr. Nakakuro took us to Karaoke, where we enjoyed matcha floats and I sang until I nearly lost my voice.

Overall, this day was certainly a highlight of the trip. Not only did we have the opportunity to experience more of Hitachi Construction Machinery as a company, but we got to experience the people for who they were and learn more about their values and giving culture.

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