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No Place Like Nihon

Alright so Day  1 of my Japanese adventure. This is actually my first time outside the U.S. so it’s all very exciting. I hope to upload some of the better and more relevant photos but the majority will be posted on Facebook. I hope to make the next twenty daily posts as unabridged as possible.

We left O’Hare airport around 12:30 for Japan via Japan Airline (JAL). JAL is one of the best airplanes I have ever been on. Each seat has a personal television in front with a variety of new and classic films, not to mention a wide selection of music genres. For the most part, the flight was pretty relaxing. I got some lovely pictures of the Canadian mountains and I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Additionally, the food they served was actually really good. They gave us the option of either teriyaki chicken or pork. They even provided miso soup, ginger, and fruits and veggies.IMG_20150529_153339 I spent most of my time watching movies like Big Eyes, Big Hero 6, and The Mask. I unfortunately began suffering from a terrible migraine, but that’s not really worth fretting over.  However, after about 13 hours, I was more than happy to finally walk on solid, stable (until the earthquake) land. 

Once we cleared customs and retrieved our luggage, all of us hopped aboard a bus for two hours and headed for Tokyo, specifically Shinjuku. Our hotel is very nice. There is a small, quaint cafe in the lobby and is very affordable.IMG_20150529_184959 The rooms are kinda small but in a good way. Right next to the door is a small key holder for the room key that turns all of the room’s utilities. They are so many buttons that it can get a little confusing. The only downside and possible advice for any future Japan traveler is to bring an adapter for your chargers. Japan is strange when it comes to their voltage frequencies. It varies between 50 60 Hertz making compatibility difficult. Luckily, one of the group members, Emily (who has been to Japan), brought an adapter.

While still recovering from jet lag, we all went out to what I can only describe is a mall of sorts. There are shops, but there is a heavier focus on restaurants. All these places have different different styles and range in terms of price. We went to a traditional Japanese restaurant. For those of you wondering, myself and another student can adequately speak Japanese, and we have the Augustana Japanese professor Mari Nagase with us as well. We never have to worry about trying to read something.

Well, there really wasn’t much after that. We had the next few days off before we had to go to work on Monday. But I will try and separate the days into separate posts.

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