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Spit to Manly Beach Walk

After our efforts in the ocean swim, Timko and I treated ourselves to breakfast at a local café which happened to be incredible.

Gobbling down bacon, eggs, chorizo, spinage and much more with as much water as we could stomach to override the salty taste of ocean water, we recovered some of our energy.w1

We then took advantage of the 95 degree heat and set up shop on the beach for a couple of hours. In keeping with our day so far, it didn’t really go to plan.

Given my British skin, I knew if I took my top off, I’d be as red as crusty crab I kept it on and began to bake. To cool off I went for a dip and to body surf a few waves, which by now had picked up to be pretty big.

I didn’t give much to the thought to my attire but as the first wave knocked me off my feet and took my spandex pants straight off, I soon realized they were not appropriate for the conditions!W22

Thankfully I grabbed a hold of them and slyly slipped them back on while remaining under water. Further embarrassment was avoided yet I did not escape completely unscathed as a tremendous amount of seaweed found its way in many an uncomfortable place!

The heat proved too much for us both and we took the train back to the apartment to take a much needed shower and to remove the seaweed I had been sitting on the entire journey back.W18

My plan was to take a nap as soon as I got back but again, it did not go to plan. The guys were all keen on doing the Spit to Manly walk and given the impending end of the holiday around the corner, I could hardly pass up the opportunity.

Our plan to get pancakes before heading to Spit fell through but I made up for it with the greatest fish and chips I’ve ever had! Deep fried cod with herbs and lemon juice as well as calamari, Greek salad and chips, or fries as you guys like to call them!

Arriving at Spit was like transporting to an entirely different province; it was so quiet and remote with grand yachts passing tranquilly by in the afternoon sunset. It was hard to believe that we were just a couple coves away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Walk 2 Manly

The houses were enormous! Lavish modern architecture spanned the entirety of the shore line of the cove as we weaved in out along the cliff hanging public walk path.

Breath taking views were coupled with quintessential Australian wildlife – spiders, lizards, things that can kill you!

Sunset just as we arrived at Manly and we took the opportunity to stuff ourselves with some Thai food at Manly Wharf; to cap off an already amazing day we took advantage of the Gelato! W15W24W22

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