The worldwide Augustana College experience

Yeah man, no worries!

The first two nights in the all inclusive resort of Jewel Runaway Bay has been amazing! Is all inclusive really all inclusive? You bet your bottom dollar that it is! (Don’t even have to take any out of your pocket 😉 ) These days have been very relaxing and have been a blast. No worries about anything when you are here! You are on Jamaican time which I tell you, moves about a quarter of the speed of college time. It is everything you ever dreamed of with a vacation in a resort and more. Bar far a great time!

Yet, the thing that strikes me the most is the friendliness of everyone here! You turn the corner, someone is smiling and saying hello! You turn another corner and someone is giving you a high five or asking you to pound it! Everything and everyone here is just so friendly and happy about life. The true definition of no worries! And it is not even the workers that did this in the resort, but locals as well when my van was asking for directions to find Egan’s brother in law for a phone.

We traveled to a gated community in which we met a very friendly guard who was very confused on why all of us were there. He a made a phone call and described us as a van full of white people! Which all of us thought was hilarious! This nickname he have us has been the running joke of the trip so far! We continued our search for the phone and Egan’s brother in law which lead us into a small town of Falmouth. (Hopefully that is how you spell it!) It was a sight to see. The polar opposite of the resort BY FAR.. But in a good way! It was awesome seeing some of the school kids walking back after school in the uniforms. Walking in groups and even solo but never a doubt that walking alone would lead to trouble like it might in the US. The friendliness that surrounds everyone leaves no fears of walking alone back home from school. We experienced this friendliness first hand multiple times as Egan asked for directions and strangers willingly helped out a van full of lost white people in search of a phone. This shocked me greatly! The fact the complete strangers helped us out was amazing to me. In the US if you were in Chicago or New York, no one would give you directions. They would either laugh at you, or just ignore you completely. That has got to be the reason that everyone in Jamaica is friendly! They all do nice deeds to someone else in return for someone doing a nice deed to them. It is a circle of niceness just cycling around everyone on the island. Something that we as Americans do not often, but should do to not be as selfish. Here, you live for love and peace for everyone. That One Love saying is truly embraced more than you would think. It is truly amazing and something that I hope more Americans, scratch that, people in general would do! Just love life, have no worries, and have One Love for everything in this world.

The two most friendly people I have met so far was on the first night. The piano man that provided karaoke for all of us. He was amazingly talented and have a book full of about 200 songs that he had memorized. Yes, that is correct. No sheet music in front of him. Just him the piano, his drink, and all us lovely singers belting our hearts out to his tunes. Hours passed by and you would have never guess it. He was just so talented and friendly it was amazing. He loved all of us and said that he hadn’t had a young group with that much energy and knowledge of songs before! Egan primed us well in class with all of the daily music choices. The piano man could make you smile by just looking at him. He was by far the most friendly man I’ve met so far. The next best guy was our waiter for the second nights fancy meal. Even though we dropped the ball on the five course meal memo and only ordered an entree and desert instead of one from each category, my table still had a great time. Our waiter was amazing. His name was Kalvin, like the Calvin Klein he said. He smiled the entire night, and cracked jokes left and right. He nick named me the drive since I was the only one at the table to not get a glass of wine. It was what he called me the rest of the night, even later when I saw him in the lobby. After dinner we had met the piano man again and as I was walking up, Kalvin came up to me with a huge smile and said what’s up driver? Having a good time man?! And it put the biggest smile on my face. His friendliness had made my stay here amazing and something that I will never forget! Kalvin and the piano man have taught me to always smile and have fun. Be friendly and have no worries because everything little thing is going to be alright!

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