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Jamaican Me Crazy!

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

THE BEAUTY! Jamaica has blown me away already just in the first two days. The weather, the landscape, the everything is absolutely breath taking. I have laid on the beach, crawled my way through caves, and gone snorkeling in a near by coral reef. I’m actually writing this blog entry on the beach, in the shade of Palm trees and to the sound of waves crashing. I have never seen such blue water. I didn’t know this color of blue existed! Two days, and Jamaica has proved to be paradise.
This all-inclusive resort really knows how to show someone a good time; however, I don’t like constantly being waited on. The employees (all Jamaicans) wait on the guests (vast majority white) constantly and I’ve observed the guests just expecting it. I understand that these people are tourists and feel that they deserve this treatment because they are paying so much, but the employees are people and it seems like the guests don’t realize this. For example, my friend/roommate/fellow lover of Jamaica was having a conversation with an employee (a Jamaican man) about Illinois, an area that the employee has lived in before. After the short conversation was over, a man (white/tourist/guest/ignorant and rude man) leaned in to my friend and said “wow, he’s educated”. This appalled me. This man probably has no idea what Jamaica is actually about. I feel very fortunate that my group and I were able to really learn about Jamaica (outside of the tourist traps) before coming to the island. Actually, because I have the knowledge that I do, I hate feeling like a tourist. The employees treat me like every other guest, but I’m not every other guest. I didn’t come here to sit on the beach and drink fruity drinks (however, it is very nice), I came to Jamaica to experience JAMAICA.

I am beyond excited to go to the Great Huts in Port Antonio (our next stop) but I’m even more anxious to get to Kingston and begin teaching.

I want to be immersed is real Jamaican culture!!

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