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Running Away from Runnaway Bay

The last few days our group has been staying at Jewel Runaway Bay all-inclusive resort. While the beach is lovely, and the endless food and drink is nice, this is not the real Jamaica.
Okay, so the people who work here are Jamaican, and they have been wonderful, but it’s terribly upsetting to sit around and be waited on by them with a hundred other white people who think this is what Jamaica is.
Last night, a man played the piano for everyone to sing along. He kept throwing out numbers of American songs that we already knew. It was a blast but we came here to experience Jamaica, so we kept requesting Jamaican songs when we had the chance.
Earlier yesterday, all of us were hanging out in the pool area and they kept playing Kesha and other popular American songs. I, along with many of my peers kept hoping they would play Jamaican music so we could delve into the culture a bit more.
I honestly felt like we could be anywhere in the world and it would feel the same, we would just be hearing a different accent or language, which is very frustrating to me.
Runaway Bay

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