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First 3days in Brazil:)

Well we finally made it! After flight cancellations, gate changes, flight changes, and mechanical difficulties…we are in Rio! We arrived at the hotel and made our way to class to learn more about the Salguerio samba school. It is the oldest samba school in Brazil. Afterwards, we went to a buffet where we weighed our plates to see how much we had. I had a bunch of different foods on my plate to try and see more of what Brazil had to offer. There wasn’t anything on my plate that I didn’t enjoy! From quail eggs to fresh seafood to beans to fried bananas, it was all amazing. We then saw the Samba School where the bateria explained to us about leading the beat for the group during Carnival. His family had been involved in the samba school for generations. The bateria is like royalty there, this was seen when we found out the shirt he was wearing of Brooklyn’s Garnett was from Jay-Z.  Then a few of us went to a local bar to destress after the long day of flying to get the national drink called a Caipirinha. It is made with cachaca (sugar cane hard liquor), sugar and fruit most commonly lime.  With the language barrier, it was difficult to order things without pointing to the menu.  Afterwards, my roommate Yessie and I went back to unpack and pass out for our first night in Rio. Our view from our window is Christ de Redeemer!

Quadra Salgueiro

Sunday the 5th

In the morning for some reason, I got sick and ended up throwing up in the elevator. I tried to tell the maid staff that I got sick but again got stuck when it came to the language barrier and used hand gestures to explain my situation. I felt a lot better after and then went to explore the surrounding area. We came back to the hotel for ISS class and the power went out due maintenance work in the building. We used a flashlight to get through the stairwell. Then we took the Metro to the infamous Gatola de Impanema. The song “TheGirlfromImpanema” was written here. Our table split pasta alfredo, grilled chicken with potatoes, and filet minon, again, some of the best food I have ever had. We traveled to the beach where we walked the rocks and saw all different sides of the coast. There were surfers at the end of the beach, venders along the beach selling congas which are like thin towels that can also be worn as a dress. We saw SO many soccer players all over the beach. We were all called “bellezas” and “Americanas,” since most of us don’t look like anybody here in Brazil. We started to walk back from the rocks and did Zumba on the beach. The guys were insanely good at dancing!!! I have never seen anything like that before. We were dying laughing and smiling constantly. We were there for a while and then headed back to the hotel to have our art class. We learned to coil to make either a place mat, bowl, or cylinder. We went to dinner and got these fantastic cheesy fries with meat called calebresa.

Ipanema Beach

Monday the 6th

We had to wake up early to take the Metro to FGV which is an extremely prestigious college in Rio. One of the Professors named Greg informed us of the college and the political science of Brazil. We couldn’t get a full tour of the college because we were wearing shorts but were able to talk to 3 of the college students and learn what life somebody of our status in Brazil would be like. We plan on hanging with one of the students later in the week! =] On our way back to the hotel we stopped to get some food where again we were faced with the language barrier when ordering a grilled cheese with ham. A Argentinian woman who spoke spanish helped us out while ordering. Then we went to the beach by our hotel for an hour. It was reaaalllyyyy windy but Michelle and I still had a lot of fun and burned. We had class for an hour to talk about the contemporary art museum we were visiting Tuesday. We visited the Museum de Cartola. Then went to go workout at the workout facility. Surprisingly, the gym has a LOT of machines. This made me so happy that I could actually get my track workouts in! We had to get coiling done so a bunch of us just watched movies while coiling.


Cartola Center

I’ll try to post more soon! Bom noche.

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  1. Love the updates. Sounds like you’re keeping busy. The beach looks beautiful. Samba On.
    Bom noche 🙂

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