The worldwide Augustana College experience


So we found out this morning that our flight from O’Hare to Dallas was cancelled. As Astin put it “that’s a downer”.  So after a long couple of hours in O’Hare we had our flight rebooked to tomorrow. A few of us decided to stay in Chicago for the night, while others went home. New plan means being at the airport at 3:30am for our 7am flight. Flying to LA, then going to New York, and finally we can get on a flight to Rio. We’ll be in Rio Saturday morning!

I am currently in a hotel room with Marisa, Jadyn, and Hailey, as Jadyn and I are from out of state and Hailey and Marisa are from the Quad Cities so it didn’t make sense for any of us to leave the area. I do have some pictures of us at the airport though as we waited for information.

P1020394 P1020395 P1020396 P1020400 P1020401 P1020402

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