The worldwide Augustana College experience

The day has finally come! For the past year, myself and 48 other Augustana students have been preparing for this day. We’ve written essays, filled out lots of paperwork…I mean lots and lots of paperwork, and learned all there is to know about the Australian culture. I’ve saved every dime, nickel, and penny, and have done my best to avoid my Starbucks cravings and nail polish addiction. For just a short time, I’ve endured the snow, ice and wind, so that on January 2,nd I can really appreciate the 90 degree weather I’ll be living in for 9 weeks.

All of this preparation has left me packing and re-packing for the past week. Two months and two 50lb bags– the struggle, my friends, is real. But, nonetheless, I have done it. Two 50lb bags, a purse, and a backpack, and we’re off!

Today we are flying out of O’Hare Airport at 1:50PM and flying into LAX at 4:20PM. At 10:20PM we will be taking off for Sydney, Australia. The weather man says we should be looking forward to sunny skies and 90 degrees, which doesn’t sound too bad if you ask me. For the 15 hour flight (yes, 15 hours!), we will be flying in style, on a massive double decker plane. Between the food, movies, and free seat-to-seat calling, 15 hours should just ‘fly’ on by. Plus, we will be celebrating New Years! Not too sure, where, or when, but I’m hoping to see some fireworks from the airplane.

Getting ready for take off!

Getting ready for take off!


Who knows what the next 9 weeks will bring. There is still so much to learn—mainly public transportation. So many new adventures to explore. And many great experiences to remember.



Here we go! 9,240 miles and we’re there.

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