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Viking men hit the town and the waves in Rio

If we thought that we listened to loud music in the U.S., last night’s trip to the Lapa street festival made it seem like we were quiet. The club that we all ended at was all but empty when we got there. So we started our own party and started dancing by ourselves.

Before we knew it, the club was jam packed and the music was almost deathly loud. I had trouble hearing people talking to me at breakfast this morning. The DJ had seen that we were there the entire time so he played all of our requests and was shouting, “Let’s hear it Chicago” time after time. We definitely left our mark on the Lapa street festival.

This morning we had the pleasure to hold a little clinic for some kids from a nearby neighborhood. It was an incredible opportunity for us the give back to such bright young kids. Our tour guide, Wagner, who grew up in the neighborhood where these kids are from, told us that what we did today is something that these kids will remember for the rest of their lives. It was something I don’t think I will forget either.

After the clinic, coach set us free for the rest of the day to explore more of Rio. We all went to the beach to soak up some sun and show off our Brazilian beach bodies. Some of us were more modest with what we wore; some stuck it out and wore Speedos.

The waves were big today again and a lot of us spent time riding the waves in. But of course, in a total Mark Roth move, he was practicing taking charges against the waves. Walks around the immediate neighborhood led us to some interesting restaurants where we had lunch.

Tonight we have dinner planned and a stroll down Atlantic Avenue and possibly some shopping at the night market on the beach.

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