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Viking women have whirlwind trip in Rio

Aug. 11

Today’s our free day, so naturally we are going to the beach and going shopping!

chaney tambling
Senior Chaney Tambling

Our guide, Joseph, and his wife, Roberta, are going to take us to the market at Ipanema, which is supposed to be one of the best and biggest markets in Rio.  We are all hoping to get the last of our souvenirs and presents for everyone back home.

Then, we’ll do the typical beach day with fun in the sun and the waves.  Hopefully it gets a little sunnier because it is looking a little gloomy outside right now.  Tonight we’ll find a place for dinner and then tomorrow we’ll play our last game.

Our time is winding down in Rio and it’ll soon be time to leave, so we are looking to have the last of the fun that we can here before heading back to the States on Tuesday!

Aug. 10

So last night we went to Lapa, which is similar to the District of Rock Island, but much bigger.  Lapa is often a dangerous place because of all the nightlife, but we stayed safely with our guides, Joseph and his wife Roberta, and were able to sit casually around a table and experience the area.

Most people in Rio don’t go out until about midnight and stay out until  4 a.m.  We were there from about 8-11 p.m., so most people weren’t out yet, but it was more about getting to see the nightlife and experience the true Brazilian social scene.  

We’ve now settled back at the hotel after a long day on a boat.  Today we took a tour of the islands off the coast of Brazil by boat.  First we took about a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to get to the dock where we got on the boat.  Then our group and some others got onto the very large boat and headed across the water to the different islands.

We got to stop three times while on the boat.  The first stop let us jump off the boat for some swimming while surrounded by lots of fish and the beautiful sun.  The second stop was at a beach where we got to get off, take pictures, and see an old cathedral that was located on the island.  The final stop was the longest and included our traditional fisherman’s lunch.

The food different than anything we had eaten, but judging by how much everyone ate it seemed to be pretty delicious food.  After a long day in the sun, we finally took the trip back to the dock and finally a bus ride home.  Now we’ll hang out by the pool, possibly order some pizza and prepare for a free day of shopping and the beach tomorrow!

Aug. 9

Well today was yet another beautiful day in Rio de Janeiro!

We started the day by taking a long bus trip up to the Christ the Redeemer statue.  Let me tell you, he’s much bigger on top of the mountain than when you see him from any other place.  The statue oversees everything in the city and is quite a breathtaking monument.  From the top you can see every part of the city and all that it has to offer, from the waterways and other mountains to the thousands of houses and other sightseeing opportunities in Rio.

The ride up to the statue was another experience in itself.  The drivers were flying around corners and barely clipping each other’s mirrors just to get people to where they needed to go. While up by the statue we, of course, took lots and lots of pictures and even happened to meet a family from Naperville, Ill., who was visiting Brazil as well!  We also got to frequent the many different shops that were held on the mountain by the statue and while waiting for a bus to bring us back down, we even saw the Canadian Prime Minister going up to see the statue.

After getting to see Christ the Redeemer, our bus took us to a part of town where they host the Carnival celebration.  While there we got to go into a shop and pay to get dressed up in the different Carnival outfits. The crazy outfits were accompanied by big headdresses and large bejeweled shoulder wraps.  A video of the actual parade was playing and it was very extravagant, loud and full of excitement.  Judging by the color and nature of the parade, you would have thought the people were preparing to send the participants into the Hunger Games.

The Carnival shop was the last stop on our agenda.  When we got back we grabbed a quick lunch and headed down to the beach for a relaxing afternoon.  Tonight we will be going with our guides to Lapa, the downtown area of Rio to see what a typical nightclub here is like.  We are excited to learn the Samba and any other dances that they will be willing to teach us.  I’m sure that it will be lots of fun!

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